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2005-01-12 09:23:09 (UTC)

counting my blessings

It is the second week of year 2005 and I have not written
any new year resolution or reflect on the past year. I
better start doing it now as time flies.

I like to reflect on my life as I can start counting my
blessings and preserve the memories.

I am thankful for 2004 because of the following reasons.
1. I can have a long break from school life (8 months or
so). After about 14 years of schooling, I can enjoy my
well-deserved holiday.

2. I was given the chance to taste the working life, be it
as a sales assistant at Cocoa Tree, a waitress at Ottonam,
a clerk at Mr. Cheam's office or as a tutor. Yes, I am
grateful for all those jobs.

3. I was able to support my living expenses for the first
time in my life. I felt wonderful.

4. I could stay in a rented condominium with my friends
(Selin, Kresna and Erick). I love Southaven alright. A
cosy home and friends to be with. What more can I ask?

5. I experienced how it felt to be in love once again...
after sometime.

6. Finally I am in university, doing bioengineering and
secure Sembawang scholarship.

7. I am staying in a hostel so near with my faculty. It's
really convenient.

8. I was introduced to jazz, to beautiful songs I have
never heard before.

9. I was introduced to bridge and fell in love for the

10. I thought I had lost my best friend to time at the
beginning of the year, and realised that I have not and
that we still have that thread that has always linked us

I think there are still many things I can be thankful for
the year 2004. Too many, I'll try to remember them some
other time.

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