~~~~~~~HeLeN'z DiArY (o'_~o)~~~~
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2005-01-12 08:45:41 (UTC)

bowling games

it was a fun day today. the sun finally came out (thank
goodness) but it disappeared in the afternoon.....
uuughhh! read some forecast and it said LA is gonna be
soakin again~~~~ =(

woke up with my PMS back pain but got a whole lot better
after physical theraphy!! i guesss i do luv getting my
bones cracked!! LOL

well a BIGGGG "thank you" to Tak today... i was very upset
about some school stuff when i woke up and i had Tak there
to talk to me online. he has been a thoughtful friend to
me for the past 4/5 years... anyway thanks for the talk
and it made my day!!

went bowling with Stephen and his buds after a HUGE
ENORMOUS argue with my aunt about some bullcraps.... i
felt kinda upset when i first got there but they cheered
me up i guess. hopefully the food that i cooked and
brought to stephen wasnt that bad....... but im predicting
that he would be like UUUUGGGHHHHHHHH~ right stephen?

itz wed that means it is getting close to weekend!!!!
yay!!! ah yee called and wanted to go kick it so i guess
we r clubbing again~~~ YAY for us! lemme call some party
animals up.... talked to Ken for almost 2 hours and we
might go sing as well this sunday or something.... isnt
life beautiful???!!!

i just cant wait til this wkend..... ^__~