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2005-01-12 08:10:18 (UTC)

my new life...

hello! long time never write...
it's been a long story now

i'm at last graduted
i'm back to my country forgood now
it's really good to see my family again

it was kinda hard to adjust in the 1st few month
but now are fine...

i did fall in love wit stranger
but lucky i broke-up wit him
he's too misterious....

and now i am chasing a cute rabbit
he is really cute, nice, also understand me well
but too bad, he doesnt seems interested on me at all

could he be mine oneday?
it is really such a big question mark...
FOR NOW.. hohoho...

however, I still keep-in touch wit him everyday
even in a short time, but i feel enough for it
sometimes i wish he could be e one who call me
"instead of i call him =( "
i am the gal, ok!

maybe it is the only way...
who told me to like him..
hohoho.. BAKA me...

wisdom sentence for today:
"life like a wheel...
sometimes at up, sometimes at down"