OOchie (adults only)
2005-01-12 07:33:14 (UTC)


WHats new "pussykat" jan 12 2005 damn where
does time go, 2 days till bens b-day ugh why do i care(x
husband) .exacly wut im saying where does time go it has
been 3 years since i left BEn.fuck him he was an asshole
anyway...i,m sitting here watching april play playstation
I'd rather be fucking .... not with her thow lol. ah this
is so crazy im missing MYLOco hes so fucking crazy I love
it!I need that in my life or do i?fuck am i lesbian or
not , i thought i was till He came around God april would
just fucking kill me if she knew...I can't help it i CRave
him not just his dick but i craVe him i think I'm in
luv.......wut am i feeling dammit!Relationships are so damn
confusing...wut else can this be i fucking think about him
all day ..omg lastnight when april was touchuing him MYloco
popped into my head is that fucked up or wut i feel so
guilty shed die if she knew , seriously if he was here thow
i dont thinki'd care about anything...MMM i wonder n i
always wonder ,visUalize, imagine, wut his lips would feel
like againts mine .MMM LaLaLand ,DEb just pMMed me askin me
wut i was writting about..if her gurl knew that shes trying
to get me to move in with her shes freak out(DEb n Razzy
both lesbians old freinds) Deb keeps saying that she loves
me n tghat she wants to leave Razzy n be with mewhy do
people say shit n then dont back it upD says he wants me
but he has'nt even attemted to cum see me the same with
DEb, Ben loves me yet hes with sumone elseand april ugh i
Dont get her She loves me and takes care of me when im sick
but then it's like she goes on theese mood swings n hits me
god i tell u these people are driving me craYzEE .....i
Miss U My loco ...he seemed pissed off earlier when i
talked to him i asked him why he was quiet he said it was
cuz he was talking to someone else i was like ooooook then
then he said i gotta go n left ... thats wut i mean about
him being cold sometimes i don't know what to think right
now he sends me mixed emotions ...Drama Drama..

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