Redneck in the Projects
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2005-01-12 07:23:09 (UTC)

Magnificent Motherfucking Monday

well, its 1:06 in the morning. i finally got done ranting
and raving about all the shit that happened this summer.
yeah, it was a fucked up summer.........i'll give it
that. i really want to let everyone of ya'll know why im
sitting here at this particular computer, typing these
particular letters for ya'lls personal edification and
enjoyment. i stumbled across this site reading a newly
added buddy to my yahoo list's profile. i thought, "damn,
that would be a hell of an idea." i want all my friends
to read my words and realize who i truly am. most of my
friends, except a lucky few, really dont know shit about
me. anyways, thats why im sittin here writin this.
Mondays always suck! I work at a Chevy dealership here in
Clinton, and Monday is the really fucked up shift. I have
to go into work at 9:30 in the morning, and get off at 4.
then i have to go back in to clean the service area at
6:30. so, im usually really fuckin worn out and dont feel
like doing shit. so, dont expect entries on mondays.
anyways, i got home from work last night. of course, i
have to bitch at my little brother and sister as usual.
they runover my grandma like a semi runs over an ant.
then, im tired, dont want to be fucked with......and
hungry. so i gather up some loose change, and drive down
to subway. there were two chicks in there.....one with
really short blonde hair...and one with longer light brown
hair. (no, it aint meek...dont worry) anyways, i get in
there and the only damn bread they got is honey
wheat.....which really doesn't go with my particular
sandwhich....the spicy italian. i mean, think about
it..........sweet with pepperoni and salami. i
thought "oh well, fuck it" and got a damn
sandwhich.....meat and cheese, just the way i like em. :)
anyways, get to the checkout counter, and the longer
haired girl is running the register. it seems like every
motherfucking time i go in subway......this particular
chick has her panties in a wad the size of a watermelon.
the short haired chick is another story.......shes always
cool as fuck. anyways....i forgot this important
note.....my bitch ass ex was in there when i got there.
she was with her sister....and her sister is always cool
as fuck to me. so i talked to her sister, and didnt say a
damn word to amber. anyways, i get to the counter, and
miss "watermelon pantywad" gives me a really evil look
when i start pullin the quarters out of my pocket. i'm
thinkin....."ok, im hungry.....im broke.....dont give me
any shit!" instead of saying what i think....i jokingly
say "you get some quarters tonight" All i got back was a
colder-than-a-witches-tit-in-a-brass-bra reply
of "obviously." so i think "well, 2 can play this
game....and i guarandamnteeya i got more shit to be pissed
about than you bitch." so i shoot off a few
cunning....yet smart ass remarks about the
quarters.....give her a "guess what.....im a smart ass and
i help pay your salary" smile......and walk out the door.
i get in the trusty sonoma...and see her rantin and ravin
to the cool chick about somethin. well, to show that im a
badass and i gots a cool truck....i backed up a lil, threw
the truck sideways right in front of the door
practically....and with another wet-pavement "hey....i can
spin the shit out of these tires now" launch....i hit 54
and went on to the house. i thought about calling
subway...and askin the stupid bitch what the deal
was....but then i thought "fuck it, i'll just give her
nickels and dimes next time!"

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