Inner Sanctium
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2005-01-12 05:27:24 (UTC)

Sanity for those without.

Having just started this blog the other day, I'm still not
in the habit of making entries. I don't even think anyone is
even reading it, but what the hell. I talk to myself all the
time, why stop now?

Part One//

Someone close to me, or at least I consider them close,
because they are getting ever more closer.... follow that?
Good, glad your still with me.

Anyway, someone close to me today taught me something new
about myself today. Do you know how sometimes you do things
out of habit, and when those habits are broken, you tend to
notice? Well, I have somewhat of a dirty mouth. I admit it,
I like to use the free speech thing to its fullest
potential. Im just that kinda guy.

Not to say Im overly rude about it, and I just start
spouting random obsenities to passerbyers. WHAT FUN THAT

Ya see, I consider my subconscience part of my conscience.
If I lost you there, I apologize. My reasoning for thinking
that is because Im the type of person who is mostly aware of
just about everything I do and say. I can usually gauge my
reaction to any given situation minus a few. Chalk it up to
over doing every minor thought that crosses my mind.

Most people think on a linear path to things, and when they
reach the conclusion of a thought, thats it. I don't think
that way. My mind tends to dwell on just about everything,
and I tend to take things too far. From jokes, to journals,
Im a hard thinker. One would even think half the crap that
comes spewing outta my mouth is cluttered nonsense. I swear,
I'm not an idiot.

Well, back on point. This woman a few nights ago informed me
of a phrase she prefers not to hear. Its a simple thing,
nothing overly picky, and in my opinion pretty reasonable. I
found myself never saying that phrase again. For me, being a
person of habit, this is unusual. I wasn't even aware that a
change had been made.

Yeah, Im trainable.


Part Duex//

Well, there really isnt a part two. I just wanted to keep my
audience on its toes.


Part Three//

There is a part three however. HA

I consider myself a good writer in my own mind. However, I
have yet to find a way to express all my thoughts on paper.
I suppose Im worried about being 'trendy' or 'incorrect'
about things in my stories. I see all these blogs on the
web, and all these bud in writers so I feel what do I have
to offer?

Anyway, no more angst this evening. That is all