My So Called Life
2005-01-12 01:50:06 (UTC)


Haven't been able to add an entry for awhile, but haven't
really had anything TO write an entry about. But today in
English, teacher gave us an assignment to write like a
book or something (start with climax, flashback to
beginning, then flashforward to ending) so I thought I
would post how far I've gotten on the book so far and hope
that I get feedback on it telling me what I can do to
change it or w/e. Here goes:

TJ, Ashley, and a few of their friends started playing a
game of Killer. Suddleny, the lights went out. Fear swept
over everyone. After what seemed like an eternity, the
lights came back on. There, lying motionless on the floor,
was the body of Chelsea Page. The same thought was
stirring up in everyone's head: who is the killer, and who
is their next victim? TJ and Ashley arrive at their
school, and go their separate ways to see their friends.

That's all I've gotten so far, about to work on it some
more. But if you guys have any feedback, please let me
know. Thanks in advance.


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