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2005-01-12 01:48:42 (UTC)

Its Hard To Say...*


First off let me start by saying my day was half way
GREAT!!....until the night hours atleast lmao...
Me and my friend Casey got into a huge fight and I was was he see he thinks noone cares about him or
anything like that but he doesnt open himself up to seeing
that people really do...sometimes i think he causes his
own porblems but other times i know they are for surely
real!!! but he came over and we talked things out and
everything is cool now atleast on my part well his to
My best part of the day was this morning when i got to see
sean because i seriuosly needed one of those loving hugs
and he knows just how to give them :D (giggles) well he is
atleast what matters the most to me in this
world...without him i seriuosly still wouldnt be in this
hell hole of a town....:D he makes me happy and giggle and
blush just even thinking about him and i love him in ways
I cant even begin to describe because there are no words
for the way I feel about him and I know I write about him
alot but hey I have to write about the things that make me
happy right?
When I am writting im happy and yet end up balling
my eyes out like I did tonight because I write so much
about whats on the inside of me thats been built up for so
very long...dealing with my dad, ex-asshole boyfriends, my
mom, and just everything that drags me down so I guess its
kinda like a release for me now instead of cutting or
other bullshit things I have done just to feel alive and
real for a short period of time....yey the used is on so I
got to go I love that band ...:D (GIGGLES)
night people!!!!!

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