Blood is not an issue
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2005-01-12 00:59:42 (UTC)

Report Cards

Today my mom got my report card!!!!! It is bad my
mom is piss off.....

She is going around saying alsorts of stuff that to some
people it would hurt them alot!!!!!!

But can handle all this!!!!

Today me and my freind were at lunch then I was going to
skip and she wanted to know if she could come with me and
I was like sure..... Then her boyfreind came and then he
wanted her to go with him then she wanted me to stay over
there with them........... Then I leave and go sit with
my other freinds. My freind got piss off and was like I
am I not good enough for you........ We got in to it
again and then she got mad and went to tell Killian about
everything about what had happen........... When she
knows I hate her boyfreind with all my might.....

My mom wants to send me to a reform school because
she says I am not doing what she wants me to do........

What did I do to deserve this??????

I have to use the computer out in the living room so
my mom can see what I do on the computer!!!!!!!!!!!

Well write more later