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2005-01-12 00:49:17 (UTC)

Day #2

Today was another slow day for me. I answered a lot of
phone calls but was also able to read some of my Ag Policy
book. This was nice to get caught up on some of the
issues. My boss sent me over to the White House today and
that was an adventure! I spent some time in the Old
Executive Office Building (where the Vice President has
his office). This building was originally property of
the 'War Department.' It looks much like that today.
Room 180 in this building is where President Nixon was
taped talking about Watergate. And a room close to 180 is
haunted. Also discussed Jan. 20 a little bit today. Folks
around the White House are getting ready for that big day
as bleachers are being set up along the parade route.

Came home and today my wireless internet works!

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