Leah's Thoughts
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2005-01-12 00:25:43 (UTC)

Dreaming a a dream worth dreaming...

I was thinking lastnight that there was nothing more I can
ever do..then I figure that this slump that I am in just
has to soon as this cold spell leaves us then I
will be normal...and my car will work...and everything will
be back to normal..hehehe
Well lastnight I think I lost a good friend of mine...I met
him ages ago...and you know what he told me that he has
like me for so long and sorta we cant be friends anymore
because it will never work out bein platonic friends and
I felt sad and happy all at the same time I didnt know that
emotions can run so deep...well B basically didnt want to
talk to me...and that is okay because I realize that he
doesnt care much for me...I mean he must think of me as a
good friend. But things have changed so much between us.
And then C doesnt want to be friends with me anymore..I
thought of him as my Jimmany Cricket kinda person. Someone
I can just talk to and that but that is all changed now. I
dont know what to think anymore.
Well the ex "b" from upnorth called lastnight and I know he
misses me he told me yes I miss you now get over it. He
makes my day and I know that we will never be together but
it is nice to have someone like him in my life. He asked
about Treyvon adn talked to him a bit my son was like mom
monkey monkey car said this and that. He was happy to hear
from him as I was. B said he might try and come to visit
me before he heads out to Fort McMurrey....I dont know he
said he will tlak to his friend about coming down for a
day. Oh well I dont know it would be nice to see him and
all but I think all these relationships that I have gotten
into are disfunctional..LOL..I think B called because I
told him I was actually intrested in someone and I know
hilast tiem I told him not to call me or anything like that
the emails came and all that stuff and I knew he was
stringing me along...he thinkgs that he can...hehehe but we
both know...that I am doing that to hime...LMAO..
I dont know I give up...that is enough of
intresting life