Master's bliss

Master's bliss
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2005-01-11 19:31:42 (UTC)

Life sucks, but Love is Awesome!!

my Dearest Master,

Last night You were upset and feeling badly. Someone who
doesn't know You made You feel badly about Yourself. You
were innocent and did nothing wrong. i know You better
than anyone else in the world and You are the most
honorable man i know. Anyone who knows You even a fraction
as well as i do knows that You would never take advantage
or treat another person unfairly. i am honored to be Yours.

Last night You were concerned over whether or not i could
escape from my restraints in a case if emergency. i knew
that i could, but You wanted to see for Yourself. First,
after being restrained, i attempted to pull my hands out of
the velcro restraints, but could not. So, i leaned back on
the bed, pulled my legs through, causing the restraints to
be in my front. i then released the right restraint with
my teeth, freeing my right hand to release my left. i
smartly replied "You can call me Houdini!" You
replied "smart ass" and grabbed a conveniently discarded
braided leather belt and proceeded to give me six sharp
lashes across my backside. "You did a great job", You said,
"That was just for my fun!" Now who was being a smart
ass? i smiled. i knew and expected that would be Your
response to me, but i was feeling a little too superior for
my own good in making such a remark. Thank You Master for
putting me back in my place.

Then You put me to bed. i was collared, my tits tied a
little less tightly as the previous night, blindfolded and
my wrists back securely in those wonderful little
restraints. Back behind my back of course. i fell asleep
and slept soundly for about an hour. Then i woke up with
an itchy nose, which You so kindly assisted me with. i
went right back to sleep and vaguely remember You removing
the restraints, but that is all. i felt good this
morning. When the alarm went off, You ordered me back in
bed to cuddle for 45 minutes. i went back to sleep and
ended up staying closer to an hour. It was ok, i got right
up, used to toilet, weighed myself, and showered and
returned to Your room. You told me to strip and join You
back in the bed. i crawled in with my mouth at the level
of Your cock. You inserted Your cock into my mouth and
began to f*** it. i used my tongue to stroke and tease
Your cock while my hands ran over Your ass cheeks and my
fingers probed the crack of Your ass. It didn't take long
before You came in my mouth and i swallowed every drop,
taking care to clean Your cock with my tongue once the
spasms subsided. i held You in my mouth for several
seconds thereafter until You pulled out and i snuggled up
to Your legs. i continued to kiss Your balls and lick them
softly, until You began to get hard again. You pushed me
even further down onto the bed and had me lick the base of
Your balls and stroke Your ass with my hands. You came
again, and when You were done i licked Your cock clean once
again. Time to move now.

i weight 168 this morning, inspite of eating chili and a
chocolate ice cream treat last night. i had a quiche for
breakfast this morning, peanut butter and celery for a
snack and more chili for lunch. While typing this journal
i ate two pieces of low carb chocolate.

The furnace in O/our house is broken and the repair man is
having a difficult time repairing it. i am scared and
nervous as to how much it will cost. i know You are
concerned as well, but You have a way of making me feel
better and letting me know W/we are going to be all right.
That's one reason You are the Master! One reason!

i love You so much Master. You are Wonderful, Kind, Fair
and Strict, all at the same time. i am secure in Your Love
and know You will always take care of me. i am always Your
loving, devoted and submissive pet,