a little piece of me
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2005-01-11 19:02:09 (UTC)

long time away

it's been a while since i've updated this damn thing. i'm
procrastinating right now, so i guess now is a good
time! i should be doing some cleaning, but eh...there's
always later.

so, finally got our house! yay! so much work though!
right now i'm finishing up the cabinets in the kitchen. i
have to put a polyeurethane coat over all them. they are
really starting to look nice! after that dries, i can finally
put the handles on. it will look so good when everything
is done. tomorrow i will do the paintings for the kitchen,
then i think it's finished. that will be nice.

speaking of paintings, i have to set up an appointment
with someone about going back to school. when i was
stretching my canvases yesterday, i realized how much
i love doing that, how much i love all of that stuff.
painting, drawing, sculpting. i should have gotten my
art degree instead of zoology. that's ok, it shouldn't take
me very long to finish out a degree in art. i had quite a
few credits towards it when i graduated. hopefully they
transfer. i may even get a masters in art. i think i'm
going to focus on metalsmithing and jewelry. i hate to
wear the stuff, but i love molding and shaping metal.
love it. i am so excited just thinking about it! turtle built
me a work station, even got me a torch. i can work on
that stuff here, but right now it's too cold (no heat in the
garage!). i can't wait until it warms up so i can work out
there all the time.

well, i guess i really should get back to work. besides,
the sooner i finish up in the kitchen today, the sooner i
can start on my paintings. fun stuff!


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