friends foreva

loving life??
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2005-01-11 16:57:48 (UTC)

BB (big brother)

Can u believe jamaine or w/e her name is left cbb! y?! n i
wunda if brigeet wil leave, can u believe sylvesters mum
came in. Talk about plastic surgery gon wrong, have u sin
her face! have u sin her lips! anywayz, dnt u think jon is
so peti! he was in a strop over not getin diet coke! how
stupid! n pikin his nose n eatin it, completely sik!!!

anyway, pleaz vote jon of!!

luv sarah xx

Ew jons nose pikin is grosse!! n he eats it!!! yuk its
sik!! That stupid woman looks like a poached pilcard.. the
1 hoo went in last nite!!