2005... The Year of Change
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2005-01-11 16:24:57 (UTC)

New Relationships

One thing that Tony says is that to become disturbed you
have to hang out with people of a higher level than you to
inspire you to make change. I've realized that my room
mate is not one of these people. Today he had his phone
turned off. I realize that I could easily be him if I
didn't have Lori to help me. Ed Bazel will definitely be
a good relationship change for me.

I wrote my bio for the website and submitted a picture. I
need another one right away.

I'm taking Trim Spa but it's doing nothing. I realize
exercise is the key to my body goal and so I got out at
6:30 and walked for two miles. Cold but I need to raise my

Today it may rain only a little so I plan to get out and
do some selling. I have to, have to, have to!!

God please lead me to the right doors!