my so called life
2005-01-11 15:45:16 (UTC)


I'm back in Trondheim now. It's ok, I guess.
When I got off the bus from the airport, it was snowing
and it's was really windy. I haven't missed the weather
When I got back to the apartment, I had forgotten how nice
it is! We have a really nice place! Before we went home we
washed everywhere and it looked very welcoming. I'm glad
we did that!

I've been to uni yesterday and today. It's been ok, the
lectures seem much more interesting this year! So that's
good. I got the result from my math exam. I got a B, which
is good, I guess. I'm a bit disappointed since I kind of
was hoping for an A, but.. In Norway, you need 85% to get
an A. And Kirsty got D and Linda an E, so I guess I did

So.. I'm doing fine..

But it's not very easy being without Ben. I used to live
alone two years ago, and it was no problem, but it's not
the same when you're used to living with someone. The
apartment seem so big and empty, and I really miss talking
to him. Just telling him little, insignificant things that
I think of. Must of all I miss him when I go to bed. Our
bed is made for two persons, not just me!

I miss you, baby.