open me up
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2005-01-11 14:30:54 (UTC)

thank you, again

ok, i hear you
lower your voice
i can't think straight right now
you make the choice
you're the one that leads me
you're the one that moves
you take what you want when i'm down
you're the one - you choose
Plus, i'm always wrong
you always remind me of that
stop screaming! I CAN HEAR YOU NOW
Stop telling me i'm trash
i'm not a bad person
i'm not, i swear
i love myself, i'm happy
i do try - i can care
no, i don't want to
you can't make me anymore
i'm threw with pain
no more puddles on the floor.
you're not real, you're not real,
you're not even alive
NO! i'm not dead.
and I know we're the same inside
but on the outside i am me
i control what i do
no i won't pick it up
no i won't tear it through
they've just started healing
can't you see - i'm ok?
i'm happy, i promise
just please go away
STOP telling me i'm dead
i'll prove that i'm alive
you wanna see how real i am
no, it's not a lie
Gimme it then, it's sharp enough
see how red the air has become
you got what you wanted, now leave me alone
i did too much, i'm done
NO! that's not true, don't say such things
why do you tell such lies
i'm so happy now, i mean it
why are you hurting me, i don't want to cry
i can't go deeper, i can't
there's no where left to go
get off me, stop pushing it
i told you, the answere is no
fine, you wanna feel it
fine, how's that, how's that feel
you like that don't you
you feel alive and real
you feel calm and soothed
almost relieved and opened up
so numb to pain
yet drugged and fucked up
i hope your happy
cause this is the last time
the blood won't stop flowing
my flesh is no longer mine
this time we won't wake up
this time, we can't go back
atleast we're together and not alone
and i'm no longer trapped
thank you, again.

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