My lil life!
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2005-01-11 14:09:44 (UTC)

Jan11 40days and 40nights??

Dear Diary,

Nothing spectacular happend 2day or not??
Woke up and went t0 school, came back safe and sound!

Saw Cari 2day in skl, had a lot to catch up with her, told
her bout my job hunting gist. Sh's running for Miss Cardinal
and da date is nxt week wendsday. Good luck to her!

"40days and 40nights" i bet you are wondering what dats all
about, well i couldnt make it. I dint last da night. lets
juz say i lasted about "16days and 16nights" it is an
achievement for me lol i honestly dint believe i could last
dis long. but somehow i tink i can do beta than dat! yeah
next tym.. hehe... men dis sounds sooo stupid hehe.. trip!

Me and da boi's are planing to hook up 2moro and check out
that place in timog.

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