open me up
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2005-01-11 13:10:36 (UTC)

i'm always wrong

Maybe i'll smile for the rest of my life
just so you think it is of you.
Sometimes i'll just bite my lip,
in hopes that you will too.
In case you haven't noticed
well, i guess you never will..
cause for me to let you hear the truth,
would take all my life to tell.
So memories will repeat
and the future will never appear
as long as you brace your foot down
you do nothing but trap me here.
And in my break- in my divide
one day it will come out
the way it is, you'll no longer question,
believe, deny, or doubt.
it's ironic though, how time does pass
and with it, my chance at life,
my blood will drain- with it, my will
atleast this time i know i'm right.

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