some other guy

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2005-01-11 06:46:06 (UTC)

something new

well im not sure whats going on latly. cause now i still
love dusty but someone new has sparked an intrest to me.
so how i figured she would but i really didnt exspect it
to happen right now. ya i still want dusty and i love her
so much but i dont know anymore. cause like i kinda slowed
down on thinking about her. i dont think about her as
much. though that could be because i havent seen her that
much. that also could be because of her with andrew and i
want them to date cause they love eachother which is great
and dependind on how my thoughts start changing i may do
something about this spark. cause honestly i think ill
like it. though im sure some of the people who read this
will aready know who im talking about and others will
think its someone else but you know what she already knows
so honestly i dont care what you guys think. cause im
going to think on it and see what happens. though i hope i
dont piss off anyone if i do something about it. and maybe
my luck will get better (yay). anyways im looking forward
to seeing things get better.

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