Dave Braley

Musical Musings
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2005-01-11 05:14:05 (UTC)

Closed Mindedness

Something I dislike in people, is when they(generally
young poeple) say they are only interested in one type of
music, i.e rap, techno, emo rock etc. I really think if
these people would sit down and listen to other forms of
music, older music especially they would see the
connectedness that all music shares.

As an example, people who only like modern rock, or heavy
metal. Listen sometime to them and to something like, B.B.
King and you can hear where they get influence from. Most
modern American music can be traced through the years back
to American roots music, folk, blues, country, bluegrass

Our modern "rock"( if you can call band like Dashboard
Confessional rock) can be traced to eighties synth-rock,
which in turn can be traced to disco, which was an
abomination of sixties and seventies pop, all of whic took
there influences from Elvis, The Big Bopper, Buddy Holly,
Chuck Berry and others, who got their influences from
listening to musicans like J.B. Lenoir, B.B. King, Muddy
Waters, Robert Johnson, Hank Williams, Sr., Bob Wills,
Arlo Guthrie and other who were influenced by the
traditional roots music passed down through the ages from
their ancestors and in the case of any of the afro-
american music( i.e. blues, gospel, jazz)came from the
slaves communicating in the feilds by singing because the
weren't allowed to speak to one another directly.

So the next time you pop a new CD in your player, be it
Metallica or Snow Patrol, or even Fifty Cent, take a
minute to analyze it and realize that without the music of
your parents and grandparents, you wouldnt have what you
listen to today.

But thats just my two cents,