2005-01-11 03:49:03 (UTC)

Intoduction of me

Yes. Exams are this week, and I have frantically been
studying for the last two nights, not sleeping until four
in the morning and waking up at six. I don't believe that
exams should be required of students for several reasons
all of which are fairly basic. Aside from exam studying, I
a have always been one to "burn the midnight oil". I don't
really know why. So let me introduce you to me..Well my
name is Nick Combs. I live in Defiance, Ohio - the city of
nothing. I attend Defiance High School, where I currently
have a 4.5 GPA. I was swimming this winter, but my jerk of
a coach upset me to the point that I was forced to quit,
so currently I am without sports. Hmm...my hobbies are
wide. I enjoy most things actually, singing being a big
one - just not publically-!! Currently, my favorite shows
are everything on MTV and Disney - and
DesperateHousewives, and Boston Legal - and I like Lost.
Yes...well...other than the previously listed
characteristics...I am generally happy!
-Tis me in a nutshell.

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