Bridgette .M.

Something Forgotton
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2005-01-11 03:32:29 (UTC)

Life As We Know It


Hey agian....
well what can I say today was kinda a downer from the
moment I woke up and continued all though the day...When I
got home from school..I layed in my bedroom floor for
hours listening to The Used's new cd I like it alot and
some songs I feel lI can relate to but yeah...anyways my
evening got better as soon as I talked to Sean..but then
agian he always makes me better and the happiest I have
ever been...

Yeah anyways right now im talking with a friend
Casey who is really depressed in which me trying to be the
good little helper I like to be im trying to atleast get
him to crack a grin which is kinda helping im guessing
(giggles)...yey for BRIDGETTE :)

Okay now sorry but back to Sean my favorite
topic :D (giggles and blushes) He is in a band
named "Evadent" which consists of Andy, Sean, Jd, and
James, they are freaking awesome and the moment I begun to
hear sean sing I fell in love with his made me
feel all googly inside lol.. Of course though the band
kicks ass too...:D good job guys.. but yeah they are
friday night January 14th 2005 at the bluff falls water
park so anyone who lives in poplar bluff mo. YOU NEED TO
GO it will be the best thing you will ever see :D well
thats it for now I about said it all ...

Night Everyone