Insomniacs United
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2005-01-11 03:24:45 (UTC)

Semester Exams...

It's that time...exam time that is.
I have them on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and I am
freaking out completely. I still have to write a paper and
do some other stuff for homework, before I can even think
of studying. Problem is, that I have writers block at the

Oh god. I am definitely going on a diet. I look and feel
disgusting. I went to the library today during my lunch,
which made me feel very proud of myself. Also, it was nice
to get some work done in peace and quiet. The only problem
is that I came home for dinner and of course I was
starving. I feel like skipping lunch was entirely
pointless. I will just have to work a little harder I
guess. If this is something I want, I should not let it get
in my way. If I want to be thin, then I will. If I want to
lose 5 pounds, then I should be able to. Self control is
all that is needed. My friend picked me up today, and I was
thinking put me down unless you like breaking your back,
but whatever.

Second topic. My s-i. I know that I should stop, and I had
actually for at least 2 months, but lately things have been
really sucky for me. I am dealing in the best way that I
can. No one notices, so its all good in some sort of warped
Well that's it. I have to go study. I hate exams....I
really really hate them.
This has been an insomniac rambling...good night America.