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2005-01-11 03:15:26 (UTC)


Well today was AWESOME! frst let me start off saying
that didnt get to school late! plus plus! So here's how
it went:
Discovery - we got smarties plus plus! and got to have a
AWESOME convo with Ashley
Current Events - Computer lab looking up homosexual
merriages with mia, FUN FUN FUN!!
PE - flicking swara's hair...ohh pimp!
Art - shading was AWSOME!
Spanish - movie with skinner! oh what could be much
funner then Skinner!
English - read a sad sad sad story
History - what more can I say, its Weeks ohh yes, plus
Algebra - BORING!!
Science - we had a SUB for a SUB freaky i know!
b-ball tryouts - Me and Erin talking about the choices of
the coaches, oh course we know , not to brag or be snotty,
but we are some of the better players! Excited to find out
what team i'm on!
x-edge- only squated 4 or 5 instead of the 10 im sposed
to do! ohh boy did i feel LAZY!

I have 4 new sayings:
Ohh snap
ohh PIMP
hells yeah!

love: SARAH