Journal of Ranting
2005-01-11 02:52:46 (UTC)

i feelike a shit girlfriend

I feel like crying right now. My boyfriend just told me he
felt betrayed and shit. and he has every right to be. fuck
i want to break up with him but i know if i do it wil be a
big mistake and i will regret it a lot and i don't want to
do that to him but...oh well. i just want him to trust me
and right now i feel like i betrayed his trust. and on top
of that all alisa just told me she liked a movie and she's
ranting about how good it is. i just asked him how he felt.
fuck he;s confused and you know what iknow what he's
talkign about. i feel liek shit i mean fuck i'm crying. and
i don't feel too good right now. i want to comit suiside and
i wont do it but i feel so stupid right now and thats how i
feel. love is a pwerful word and i unfortuanly know just
how powerfula nd i love my boyfriend of three months and
thats why i fel like fucking shit when i make him upset. i
just wanna curl up and never see him again when i feel like
this becasu ei feel as if i never see him he can't feel this
way. and the thing with dave *shakes head* well gonna go
now and feel like more shit