Journal of Ranting
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2005-01-11 00:51:59 (UTC)


School today was delightful....not. it fucking sucked. and
now i hate this boy dan. i really do, ok so my friend dave
and i were fooling around (not that way) and then he took my
wrist and then poked my hand on my boob and then dan saw it
and then yelles to the whole fucking class that dave did
that. i'm really fucking pissed. my class fucking pisses
me off and on top of it all i've been fucking sick. i had
joe read this..ihave no idea why i did. he didn't say much
which worries me. i mean if he wrote that kind of things
about me i'd have some serious questions. and i get the
feeling no one cares about what i have to say. grr it's
really annoying, i sit in class and then talk to people and
they are like yeah right, uh huh, sure whatever. and on top
of that i can't get joe to tell me about his feelings. it's
really fusterating to me. i'll tell him my feelings and
he's like yeah allright. now i fel as if he dosn't talk and
i'm worried what if he tells people what we talk about..shit
now i have this shit going through my head. last time i did
get him to talk he was tired and he didn't even remmeber
half of the conversation. seems like he's tired all the
fucking time and that makes me think that i can't talk to
him about serious things and also it seems i can't talk
about serious things with him ever, he's always so damn
hyper...there is nothing wrong with hyperness with him it
just seems that all heever does is be hyper. i told him the
other day something about WoW (world of warcraft) i told him
that all he ever talks about is WoW and it botherd me, i
mean it was all he talked about but i ruined his night by
telling him that. i felt so badly. but it's like i felt
like i was with my ex pete where all he could ever talk
about was his website. and i usto ask him if he'd please
get off the comp so we could talk and he said yeah ok....so
he did but not for long..before long i could hear him typing
and it really aggrivated me. younger guys i will never date
again, i like oler guys so very much...like joe. when
someone would ask me whats your ideal boyfriend i'd answer
joe. lol. and today in independent living, i had my friend
siggy put a safty pin in his nametag....he had a new one so
i stole the old one and he took the pin out of it for a
random reason cuz he wanted to so i wore it all today, so
this kid alex asked why i had it on and i said i wanted to
have it on and that he didn't know joe. he rolled his eyes,
and i'm just like whatever.

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