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2005-01-11 00:18:40 (UTC)

1.10.05 Response to "Resolutions"

I'll keep this anonymous for the sake of drama... But I
recieved this feedback on my entry, "resolutions?", and
this was my reply occured to me that a lot of you may have been
thinking the same thing.

Alix, I don't understand how you can tell people that. You
might as well have sat back and settled your "lazy" self in
front of the television instead of working hard to apply to
a college if you believe what you just wrote. And who are
you to tell people not to have hope or strive for the best?
All some people have is their dreams. I'm not trying to
judge you; I'm just wondering how, especially as a
Christian, you believe who said. Let me know if I'm

My Reply:
lol ________ first of all you have every right to send me
feedback on anything. As a generally liberal person, I love
hearing one's free and open minded opinion. Please send
more feedback! I love hearing from you
Now, to address the issue here: obviously the most
sensitive of your response seems to be how you made the
connection with my view of goals and ambition to my
Christianity. I would, in response, argue that there is no
correlation between my Christianity and the goals that I
set for myself. My spiritual progress does not have to do
with the goals I set for myself, no. It is what I've
learned through the storms I encounter: progress in that
sense comes naturally.
The entry I wrote was about setting goals for oneself. I
think that setting spiritual goals (according to the
association you made between goal setting and Christianity)
for myself would be perhaps selfish, as our spiritual
growth and knowledge is determined by Him. I, as a result,
have no problem with following a goal that He sets for me.
It's when I set personal goals for myself that I have a

As far as me working hard to get into college,
I didn't work hard to get into college. I can't say much
more about that.

"Who are you to tell people not to strive for the best? "

I'm entitled to my own opinions and beliefs. In America, I
believe we all are. I'm Alix Coupet, as surely as you are
_____________, and my ability to communicate open
information is just as secure as yours. I can tell people
to do whatever I think. I need not some form of granted
authority, as everything I have stated is in complete
correlation with my beliefs.

Are you mistaken?

I don't know. As above stated, you are entitled to your
belief as surely as I am. You're mistaken if you tell me
that I'm wrong, because I didn't contradict myself or my
beliefs, and since I believe that, at least religiously, we
share that same set of beliefs, you'd have to show me
evidence of my "fraudulence", if you will.

APC, Jr.