Master's bliss

Master's bliss
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2005-01-10 22:16:08 (UTC)

Happy Anniversary

my Dearest Master,

It is hard to believe that W/we have been T/together for 19
years! Although i have only called You Master for such a
short time, W/we have always enjoyed O/our time T/together
and i know that W/we have a wonderful future ahead of U/us
in this new facet of O/our relationship.

Saturday seems so long ago, and that was the last time i
wrote in my journal. i have to mention how much i loved
showering with You Saturday. i washed and conditioned Your
hair for You and dried You when the shower was over, but
then You did the most exquisite thing. First, You pushed
me to my knees and stuck Your cock in my mouth in order for
me to lavish it with attention. As i was getting into a
rhythm, You stopped me. Before i could even question in my
mind what was happening, You told me to lie on my back on
the bathroom floor. i complied with Your command, and
watched as You turned and began to squat down toward my
face. Ahhhhh, now i knew what was going on. As You rested
Your ass on my face, i reached out my tongue toward the
crack of Your ass, searching to find Your tiny puckered
bud. When i found it, i began to lick it hungrily, seeking
to give You the best pleasure possible. i moved my hands
over the cheeks of Your ass while continuing to probe Your
hole with my tongue. You were stroking Your cock and
making noises, telling me You were close to cumming. At
this, i began to probe further into Your rectum, french
kissing it while You began to shoot Your hot cum all over
my tits. When You were finished, You helped me up to my
knees, and i turned to face You. Using my tongue and mouth
i licked You clean and dry. Then i sat on the bathroom
floor as You dressed and dried Your hair. W/we brushed
O/our teeth at the same time, but as i am not allowed to
use the sink at the same time as You, i spit my toothpaste
in the toilet. This pleased You and You instructed me that
i must always spit in the toilet from now on.

Saturday afternoon i was fixing dinner and began to have
stomach pains. i told You and You instructed me to try and
relieve myself. i tried for quite some time, but was
unable to produce much. You came to check on me and
informed me that perhaps i was in need of a cleansing. i
agreed that it would definitely feel good. i realized
later that meant that i would be get to use the butt plug
that night since my intestines, colon and rectum would be
clean and free of debris. That made my pussy start to
moisten. About 10 minutes later i felt the urge to move my
bowels, so i asked Your permission and was able to get rid
of a lot of waste. i knew that i still needed to get rid
of more, but You would take care of that later.

Several hours later, the kids were watching TV and You and
i slipped into the bathroom for an erotic enema. i laid on
the floor on my side while You lubed and inserted the large
douche nozzle into my anus. i had prepared a salt water
solution that completely filled the two quart bag. You
released the enema into my rectum and spoke gently to me
while the water flowed into my colon. This enema was easy
and i took the entire two quarts with barely so much as a
twinge. You had me to continue to lay for a few minutes,
then had me get up and do some high steps, followed by a
few side to side twists and then more high steps. i was
ready to go for sure at that point. i sat on the toilet
and waited for Your instruction to release and proceeded to
empty my colon. Once empty, i felt great. You asked me if
i had more solution prepared, but i told You that was all
the distilled water i had. You said You knew where there
was more and fetched it, warmed it and brought to me to
prepare another bottle. i refilled the 2 quart bag, hung
it on the shower rod and awaited Your return. When You
came back, i knelt face down with my face on the floor and
my bottom in the air. Once again, You lubed me and
inserted the douche nozzle and let the waters flow again.
This was a more difficult enema as i was previously cleaned
out and by leaning as i was, the solution went further up
into my intestines. The cramping began quickly and i
didn't think i could take the entire bag. i made myself
hold out to the count of 20 and then asked You to stop.
Just as i asked, the last drop of liquid entered my anus
and You pronounced that the bag was empty. The cramps were
overtaking me and i really needed to release. You could
see this and told me immediately to sit. i did and You
gave me permission to release as quickly as i sat down.
You only wish to control me, not make me suffer
unnecessarily. That is why i love and trust You to be my
Master. i released the churning liquid from my bowels and
was soon feeling better than i had in weeks. You left the
bathroom leaving me to clean up the enema equipment and to
shower and shave my legs and pussy. i do not shave my
pussy bare, but i do clip it short and neat, which is how
You prefer it.

Later that night, when the kids were in bed and W/we could
be along T/together, You bent me over and inserted the blue
rubber plug up into my ass. You also modified the ball
gag, making it smaller and more fitting to my mouth. The
purpose of the gag is to keep Your slave from speaking, not
to endanger her life, health or her TMJ. Thank You so much
for Your concern for my safety, Master.

You had not yet read my diary entry posted earlier in the
day, so You restrained me and blind folded me on the bed
while You read, with strict instructions not to fall
asleep. After reading, i rejoined You for some more
surfing and reading until W/we were ready for bed. You had
me get in the bed lying in the opposite direction as You.
You told me to lube my fingers and play with my clit. i
complied, and this time, You allowed me to continue playing
until a came. You asked me if i wanted to cum and i said
only if it would please You, Master. You told me it was my
decision to make this time. i thought for a few seconds
and considered how good my clit felt and how nice it would
be to cum. It's fun being horny all the time too, but it
had been several days since my last orgasm. "Yes, Master,
please let me cum." You smiled and said "Cum for me,
bliss." i rubbed hard and fast and felt myself at the edge
of O - i could stop now and stay horny, but no - now i was
falling over the edge and writing and thrashing, deep in
the throes of a bone shattering climax. i came for You
Master. Once the spasms subsided, i asked for Your
pleasure. Leaning over You, licking Your balls, You came
onto Your belly. i cleaned You up with my tongue and W/we
B/both fell asleep, exhausted and utterly satisfied.

Sunday, i woke You after i had showered. You told me to
get back in bed with You, but told me to move far down on
the bed so Your cock would go easily into my mouth. i
complied and took You into my mouth and You f***ed me till
You came in my mouth. i loved it. Then i licked You clean
and W/we were up for the day.

Sunday was filled with chores and other life necessities.
You did put me to bed with my collar on, tits tied, a
blindfold and my hands restrained to my sides. i am
becoming quite used to this and was sleeping so soundly, i
did not even feel You remove them when You came to bed.

Today my weight was 168. It was the same yesterday. Today
i have eaten a quiche, 2 celery stalks with natural peanut
butter, a cheese stick and a hand full of peanuts as i sat
down to write. Chili with black soy beans is supper.

my time is up, so i must close for now. i love You so much
my Dear Master. Happy anniversary. i am always Your
loving slave, pet and possession,