2005-01-10 22:06:41 (UTC)


Work today, started at 2PM. Spent the morning messing
about on the computer and studying for work. Had to get
up early though to get the kids ready for school, so no
lie in. Trained with Bruce today got on ok. Thinking
about training, I might rejoin the gym, need to lose
weight and get back into shape. Seriously thinking of
buying a glider. made enquiries about a couple that are
for sale. Need to make arrangements to see them. Little
J has been driving JJ up the wall with his tantrums and
use of his one and only swear word. Amy was at volleyball
tonight and Big J at scouts. Need to remember to book Big
Js guitar lessons tomorrow. Posting on my favourite bbc
message board today, trying to get reactions by praising
Mrs Thatcher but didn't get much response.

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