Rants Of Angel
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2005-01-10 20:57:50 (UTC)

Casual ? Formal ?

Ok soon gonna be the 21st WOO and its Janets 40th i really
cant wait im gonna look so hot :P lol im looking for a
black flarey dress to waer with my fish nets and new rocks
but i cant find one! -cries-

Anyway Chris (who was actually called Ian) is outta the
window he was an arse then again being 29 why would he be
interested in a 17 year old i think ill stick to my own
age or a lil bit older :P

Anyway not doing much besides talking to ste (who i dont
love but do still like hmph) :P
I do still like joe though cant i just have em both :S
guess not lol anyway me and diggo were really winding
charlotte and jo up last night it was dead funny.
Diggos ace.
Adams birthday soon Woo going the Griffin on Sunday,
Richboy are playin (feckin richboy :|) but its ads
birthday so -shrug- we were gonna ask Joe and Ste but they
would have to walk home and i wont let them :% hehe

Anyway got an exam tomorrow oh joy Chris and Dawn still
aing going out and the idiot got bak with joel the noob
she is so into chris but goes out with joel TRY and work
that out anyway gotta either revise or talk to ste and
fail hmmm *thinks*.....*ponders*
Talk to Ste and fail it is.

Have A Ball Lickin a Wall
Angel x