Alexander Dark
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2005-01-10 20:33:45 (UTC)

UK Friends

so....i got this friends it the UK... :D ... thats not
I meet them almost all in the MTV2 Boards.First there was
Holly she directed me 2 the Holly and Lucy Forum(or Fan
Club).After a while the admin Bezz was jelous and tryed 2
get me out of the forum and told everyone that I was from
Japan!....JAPAN! But Holly belived me and I love her...
Then there is Bryn...he is a nice lad but I think more of
him as a son....yes Bryn "I AM YOURE FATHER!" There is also
Lucy and that girl ... man i forgot her name ! I AM SO SORRY
!!! and that guy from wales and many more....hope i can stay
with u....I AM SORRY !

Mood:Sad....bcoz i forgor her name
Music:Drowning Pool - Let the bodies hit the Floor

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