Leah's Thoughts
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2005-01-10 20:17:06 (UTC)

What do I miss more?

What do I miss more? The sunshine? The hot hot summer dayz,
being able to have my windows open and load music well I
clean up....What do I miss more...Having him hold me adn
tell me I am what he wants...or not knowing what he is
thinking....or wondering if he is going to call again.
KNowing that he is going to call again just to string me
along...Well he thought he had me..I mean I told him once
upon a time that I was going to wait for him, but I cant
wait for him. He doesnt even know what he wants or what he
wanted. He called on Saturday, he asked if I missed him I
told him "how can you miss something that you
forgotten?"..I really dont know if I ment it or not I dont
know what I mean anymore. I know one thing for sure I have
to get my a s s in gear and do my studies. I think I am
going to be alone this sememster spend time on myself and
my studies. I dont know guess I had alot to think about and
alot more to think about. Do I miss him. I dont know what I
miss anymore I dont know who I miss or even if I miss
I dont think I miss anyone...I dont want to miss anyone
anymore. I am sad it didnt work out with B am me..I mean it
could have but I dont think he was willing to even try ...I
had a feeling that I couldnt even say anything oh
well,,,maybe some other time...some other place...some
other person

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