not Perfect just Me
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2005-01-10 20:15:39 (UTC)

opening new doors

ahh what a feeling of relief...finally i feel like i am
over steven. thank goodness. I know that i will always have
feelings for him and i dont think that will change at least
for a while. but he finally talked to me last night and i
think it went well, i stood up for myself and was stronge
and didnt let him put me down our make me feel bad about

i have some feelings for vinny now...not to sure if i will
do anything about it. im thinking it may be awkward so i
will just see how this goes. i wonder if he still has
feelings for me after i turned him down before. I wonder
how different my life would be right now if i had chosen
vinny at first instead of steven...did i make the right
choice? everything happens for a reason i suppose...

i'm pretty much leaving all options open right now...i'm
just going to let whatever is supposed to happen, happen.