My lil life!
2005-01-10 14:49:29 (UTC)

Jan10 1st blunt this year

Dear Diary,

Woke up late, and der wasnt anything to do today at school.
The professors were absent.

I was trying to hustle some weed 2day in school. I need like
=P= 1,000 worth and im gona split into into 2 500’s get
some for myself and sell the two to mike and Steve, that way
I don’t get to pay for mine. lol but I havnt got any weed
yet, probably before the week runs out.

I joined poch and some guys up at intramurus walls and
smoked a joint.

Immediately after I got the munchkins and had to eat. Bought
some donut and was munching on my way home. Came home and
slept really really well… fuck I love this shit. lol slept
half the day away. hehe