goddess of imaginary light
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2005-01-10 08:12:41 (UTC)

things i hate

i always get in this rut...
as a person i thought i was strong, independent
i an extent
sometimes i can melt...but it takes forever
to get back to where i need to be
they way i see it is its better not to get close to people
not becasue you always get hurt...
cause thats not always the cause...but because
who can you really trust with what you feel?
who can you trust to keep what you say quiet...
do they even care?
they say they wanna know...but do they really?
why bother opening up just to find out
they dont give a fuck what you think, or feel

i dont have many close friends in my life and i regret
that...but then again at least i know who i can trust and
who i cant
the list is very few...
truman capote wrote "my friends are many, acquaintances
few, those who really know me, fewer still"
aint it the truth selective is the key term...but then
again....everyone will dissapoint you at one time or just have to figure out what things youll
forgive and what things cut too deep
lately ive hung out with alot less people than i did
before...but to my suprise i dont feel as lonely as i was
yes i was always surrounded with friends, but when i wasnt
i felt empty
and now that i rarely see those people, and only make an
effort to be with those who know me....even though im
alone more
i feel at ease....the lonelyness is gone....its funny how
less, not more people have made my life more
fufilling...maybe its not funny, maybe thats reality
i know what some people think of me....i know some hate
me, but im ok with that...what does it matter to me? why
bother over people who werent important to me...why worry
that im not liked by all
i say FUCK EM
(and for those who have talked about me recently...i know
what you said, and you know who you are)

have fun bitching....dont you realize it doesnt solve
anything? it just makes you look petty and vindictive? and
arent you saying these things to cut me down? well....all
youre doing is hurting yourself...becasue it always come
karma is a bitch.....

too bad for them

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