some other guy

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2005-01-10 07:15:53 (UTC)

bad luck

so far ive have this starge ability to fuck up things
without meaning too. like ill try and help someone and
fuck it up for them. and i so hope i didnt just ruin rob's
chances with jolene cause if i did then im going to be
very pissed off. cuase i was trying to get rob to loosen
up and go ask jolene out and then she got all mad at me
for talking with him about it. i hate myself now. i should
just stay out of everyones busness. cause im seriously bad
luck. i can manage to fuck up anything. i even screwed up
insta pancakes, INSTA PANCAKES all you do is add water to
the mixture how the fuck can you screw that up. i did
though i add the smae amount of water that i did powder. i
can screw up anything. im just seriously bad luck. my
brother on the other hand is hell good luck. the guy can
get girl friends like he buys them off the shelf. every
time he wins at bingo he gets $300-$1800 and he wins
pretty often. he all the luck in our family all my luck is
is dumb luck. or whenever i get anything its always cause
of someone elses luck. so i have to stop giving other
people my luck. thats why i tell everyone its my fault.
cause everytime someone i know has a problem its cause of
my bad luck.