Redneck in the Projects
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2005-01-10 06:19:55 (UTC)

thank god for the guitar

well...most of ya'll dont have a clue who i am except for
a fucking hick in illinois that cant keep a chick. well,
heres a little about me. my name is Michael Douglas
Skipworth. i was born in this shithole i like to call
Clinton on 2/26/1986. i drive a 2001 GMC that everyone
seems to think is cool....and i play guitar. all i can
say is thank god for the guitar. i have been playing
since the day i have turned 10, and honestly its the only
thing i have ever stuck with. i remember the days when i
would sit up in the shop at my house in alabama and do
nothing but play the guitar. after awhile...i started to
get good. and i got accepted into a local band
called "together alone" there was awesome songwriting
chemistry between me and the lead singer byron. me and
him got really close....i think of him as my brother.
anyways....we kicked ass, and then we all of a sudden just
stopped playing. i ended up going to illinois....but i
still play guitar everyday......AND I STILL FUCKING KICK
kidding....but everyone tells me im really good)

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