2001-10-09 14:13:04 (UTC)

46 years old and possibility pregnant

Dear Diary:

I am 46 years old and I am looking at the chance
of being pregnant after 23 years ago. Oowee!
My current beau is delighted, but I have a new
beau as well. He is always in my mind, heart, and

We are meeting each other for the first time
over the weekend. He lives in another part of
Illinois and I live in Chicago. We are meeting
in Aurora and having our picture taken together.

We already feel so connected and Cupid shot his
damn arrow at both of us and hit us on the ass.
We both got a mega dose of love potion number 9.

Robert is so much like me. A lover not a fighter.
Neither of us belong in this era that lacks romance, avanche, and fire. We love the same music,
food, and kind of movies.
We both wear our hearts on our sleeves.

We are both counting down the days when we will
see each other. Sigh! It is not coming fast enough.

Oh cupid, I love you, but love hurts and love
hurts badly.

Love AmericanIrishRose