the cheese drawer
2005-01-10 04:52:27 (UTC)


well...another long ass time. nothing to say really. cept
another few net girls admitted to liking me. crazy huh?

this nazi i know likes me. she's uh...pretty intresting.
she's probably one of the horniest girls i've ever met.
but hey! whatever floats your boat. i hate that saying.
damn. i'm bored and don't really have much to say...i
don't even remember what was in my last well
Melissa and i are doing great. i miss her really bad right
now though..she's in cali visiting her grandpa again. he
had open-heart surgery. people keep telling me to try to
get her to talk about it, but...i dunno. i mean, she's
talked to me about her crappy bf that she was with before
me, and she told me about cheating on him and everything,
but i don't think it's the right time for her to talk about
her grandpa with me. i'm just gonna tell her that i'm here
if she wants to talk about it. oy...she was supposed to
come over today too...i wonder if her grandpa is ok...ah
you guys are probably tired of hearing me whine so damn
much so i'll change the subject.

last night i was talking to the nazi that likes me and some
random person ims me. she starts asking if i wanna
have "sex" and i say no, because i don't wanna do any of
that shit behind Melissa, y'know? but she won't say
anything about herself. so i just keep asking her to say
stuff about herself but she won't. so i copy and paste the
conversation to the nazi. so nazi gets tired of this
person bugging me and sends her an im telling her to leave
me alone. this girl starts going all psycho and feaking
out on me saying that i was trying to take nazi away from
her. i was like "wtf?" and nazi was like "lmfao!" and this
psycho was like "BAH!". so it was all crazy n' shit. then
this psycho bitch does something so nazi can't see what i
type or surf the net. but i'm smart as hell and change my
status to talk to her. and then everything just starts
working again. there's more to it but if you want the
nazi's side of the story then ask her for it. her diary is
redheadednazi so just ask for an entry on it or something.

well. my mind is burned out time. AND LEAVE
SOME DAMN INPUT! just messing with you guys. but
seriously, i don't bite.