My So Called Life
2005-01-10 01:58:03 (UTC)

Poem #3

Well, my dad is doing a little better. Hasn't had really
any sugar and barely any carbs since Friday. I just hope
that he doesn't fall back, have a lot of sugar and carbs,
and die before I get married. I doubt he will...

Well, today marks the 3 week anniversary of TJ and I...and
before you ask, no I didn't get to see him today (he had
to work)..so haven't seen him in 3 weeks now!!! It's
starting to feel like we aren't going out. I know we are,
and I don't want to feel like we aren't, but I just wish I
could see him or talk to him on the phone more often..I
REAllY don't want this relationship to end...but I fear it
might...I'm going to write another poem and put it in this
entry. I call this poem, "More Often."

Everytime I call you
You are always too busy to talk
You always have to work
I want to talk to you more often

Whenever you don't work
I give you a call, ask you to go somewhere
And you are too busy or tired from work
I want to see you more often

There are times when I need you
Times when I wish you were right beside me
But you haven't been for 3 weeks
I want you by me more often

It feels like we aren't going out
It feels like we are just friends
I don't WANT to be just friends
I wish I could hold you more often

There you go, another one of my non-rhyming not-so-good
poems, but again I go back to....I DON'T CARE! Just for
future reference, NONE of my poems will EVER rhyme because
it would take me too long to figure out, "What word rhymes
with this?" or "What word rhymes with that?", so I'm just
gonna let it flow and not try to make it rhyme.

I'm going to end this entry on that note.


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