2005-01-10 01:35:20 (UTC)

My Weekend (and that horrible Tuesday)

Well lets see, my weekend was alright I guess. I
didn't do very much but then again, do i ever?? No! lol,
but eh, thats just me. Ok lets see, Friday i went to
school, and that was that. School was the same as always.
Then I came home and hung out with Sean for a bit until he
had to go to work. After he got off, we went and hung out
and my house and just chilled. Saturday i went to work at
about 8 in the morning, got off at like 1. Went home and
realized that Sean had gone and went snowboarding with his
friends. I waited for a little bit and then realized,
WTF?!?! this is so dumb!!! So i grabbed my sister and took
her shopping. I figured hey, why can't i go out and have
fun too? So we went for a good 3 hours i'd have to say.
It was fun. Sean had texted me like right when we started
shopping and said that he was home now and that his
parents had friends over and he couldn't be at his house.
oops. So after i was done with sister time with Keri
ofcourse, then thats when we decided to go home. Sean came
over after that and we rented a movie and that was that.
lol, he thought i was pissed at him cuz he went
snowboarding without me. Me? Pissed? lol, nah. ofcourse
not. Sunday (today) so far has been BLAH!!! I went to work
and hosted a preschool birthday party. 2 of them actually.
That was actually kinda fun. I didn't hafta worry about
teaching them stuff that i HAVE TO teach them or else get
in trouble, so yeah, it was alright. So that was my day so
far. Sean gets off of work at like 9 so i'm gonna go visit
him in a bit. He likes that.

OMG i can't believe I didn't say anything about last
Tuesday. Last Tuesday was like my worst day of the year.
(Well, school year) lol. I had been so stressed out for
like the past few weeks cuz of school and worrying so much
about getting into college and shit. Well, the night
before I had found out about my SAT scores. OMFG! Talk
about bad! I'd have to say i got the lowest score in the
WORLD, thats how bad. So i came to school MISERABLE!! Sean
was worried. I came to school and he just gave me the
biggest hug. Usually that puts me in SUCH a good mood, but
for some reason i could only concentrate on how screwed i
thought my life was. It took all of my strength to not
cry. Finally, it was time to go to lunch and Sean was
gonna go home cuz he usually had to go to his vocational.
We stood there and said our goodbyes. Then all of a sudden
he gave me a big hug again, kissed me and told me he loved
me. Thats when I just started crying my eyes out! It was
bad. I just couldn't take it anymore. I was so messed up.
We just stood there for a good 15 minutes and i just kept
getting worse. I mean, if you worked so hard at something
and then all of a sudden it just blew up in your face,
wouldn't u be like sooooo extremely upset? It was to the
point where i just wanted to give up. Finally i was like,
I can't be here anymore!! I hate it here! There's no point
in me being here! And i decided to just leave. Just like
that. Basically just ditch the rest of school for that
day. And for the whole 4 years of me being in highschool,
that was actually the first time I just left. So Sean
walked me out to my car mind u, i'm still bawling my damn
eyes out, and i just drove home. When i walked into my
house my mom was standing there and was like OMG Caitlyn
what happend?? It surprised her cuz she knew I would NEVER
ditch school for no reason. I expalined to her, or tried
to, that i was so fucking stressed out to the point where
i just couldn't take it anymore. I wanted to just quit. I
told her my SAT scores and told her that I've worked so
hard in school and to pass all my classes throughout all
of highschool and now it just seemed like i did all that
work for nothing. She took me aside and explained how
anyone can get into college. ANYONE! She explained how my
friend Hollie from Portage is going to college and she did
worse in school than i did. She also said that ofcourse i
wouldn't get into the BEST college in the world but that
wasn't my goal anyway. I just wanted to go to college. So
she actually made me feel sooooo much better about
everything. She made me stop crying! It was a miracle! So
after she got me to calm down, she called the school and
told them i had come home. They said it was fine. Wow,
what a day huh? Oh and to think i had to go to work and
teach dance classes in 2 hours for 5 straight hours. Geez!
Glad thats all over with. So yeah, i guess thats that. If
i have anymore breakdowns I'll let ya know, lmao! Bye

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