Hate This & I'll Love You
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2005-01-09 23:55:21 (UTC)

I dont believe in you

its hard to stand still.

welllast nite was fun. went out with emma and laura. oh
and 2 of emmas friends, aint got a clue who they are. we
went to the old bank, maloneys, sugar, then fubar. if i
remember corectly. it wasnt bad i guess, could have been
better, tho we wont go into tht.

college tomora, and i have too much work to do for it. im
wondering what i really want to do in life at the moment.
and if college is really in tht plan. oh decisions
decisions. but staying upbeat bout the whole thing makes
it sooo much easier.

been talking to a few new friends recently. they have been
fun to talk to. thanx

well right now, i just want some1 to talk to. but we'll

Peace Love & Jazz

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