Yolanda Pagan

too much drama
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2005-01-09 23:36:04 (UTC)

first love

dear diary,
me and andrew dated for two years we broke up and haven't
been together for about three years .i barely see him
anymore although he comes around once in a blue moon
saying he loves and he is sorry but yet he keeps leaving
me everytime i am close to forgetting him he comes back
into my life making me love him all over again. and i keep
forgiving him like a dummy. my friends keep telling me to
forget about him but how can i? he was my first true love
i still care for him i'm always thinking about him.but i
know it could never workout .I guess what i really want to
know can u ever forget ur first love? or were you meant to
have a broken heart to learn a lesson about life??

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