Let the world crash, love can take it..
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2005-01-09 23:02:20 (UTC)

Some thoughts..Of me.

I do not like (i mean, i do not like this, AT ALL) when people wait. I mean not
like waiting in line or waiting for something to be done cooking in the
microwave for your lunch..Like waiting for something because they don'tknow
if it will turn out right. Hard to explain kind of..I mean like, some people have
to plan EVERYTHING. Planning..grr i hate it. I like it better being
spontaneous..It's more fun. Thinking things through that are like majorly
major, that's okay, but like, c'mon..i don't know. You all think i'm crazy
maybe, but thats okay.

OoO, another thought. I like the song I'll be. i reallllly do. It's going to be my
wedding song. Oh, lets describe my future wedding, haha, yes its true, i have
no life. But it's fun when i want it to be.. lol.

So..It's going to be sometime in the evening. In Hawaii..On the beach. It'll be
on the beach, like right on the beach close to the ocean. No shoes, i dont like
shoes. So we wont wear any, lol. My dress is strapless, white, silk and lots of
beading. Long white veil and small tiara. White roses, some light pink ones
too..Say the Vows as the sunsets..So much more, wow i am a nerd. But it's fun
to imagine things, isn't it?

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