Let the world crash, love can take it..
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2005-01-09 22:48:40 (UTC)


Today is sunday. Yes, it is sunday. Like i said before. Okay i'm done. So
yeah..On Friday morning we left to go to portland, and got back last night (as
in, saturday night). Today i went early to church to help set up and stuff. It
snowed. But you probably already know that, because you probably know me
if your reading this, meaning you live close, so it snowed where you are too.
Yep yep. Then kailyn invited me to come over. And brittany invited me to go
to a movie. But no. Do you know why? Because parents are evil. Seriously,
evil. Punishment for no logical reason whatsoever. Arg. I don't like this family
very much sometimes. Whatever..On the bright side..It snowed.