lonely guy

lonely guy
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2005-01-09 20:11:02 (UTC)

I'm not okay (I promise)

Good song huh? its by a group of guys called "My chemical
romance" anyways...
what did i do last night? HMmmm... oh yeah. i went over
seths and had a snowball fight. which was rad b/c it was me
seth and johnny against seths little bro cameron. we had
snow forts and everything. it was fucking sweet. :) im a
loser. Then...i got drunk and high...very very VERY high. i
was over at seths dads house and seths dads G/f told me i
could smoke all i wanted to. it was so great. i havent
smoked forever but the way im feeling right now...i dont
even care. i need something to help me. Lets see. i was
drinking steel reserve....mcormicks vodka...and canadian
mist. It was sweet. i like passed out though b/c i was dead
tired b/c of the day before where i only got 2 hours of
sleept. Hm...jess stopped by but she didnt know i was high.
she thought i was drunk. ;)...which i was. But i was more
high than drunk. ANyways she was over for all of 5 mins b/c
she started ragging on my friends and shit and i didnt
really feel like listening to her so i told her to leave.
lol. she didnt really like that one.
I was suppose to call my friend kat...which is the one
reading this right now...you asshole i thought i told you
not to read my journal?! anyways. i didnt call her b/c i
had to much weed and i couldnt move. so i passed out and
had to goto work hungover. Then i got home and started
drinking again and called kat. she wasnt pissed at me or
anything which was cool. and now i have to goto work in
like 22 mins! and im so fucking buzzed. phew. i forgot how
much fun i had drinking all the time. Im gonna have to pick
it back up again. After me and jess are through thats all
im gonna have left. and plus i dont really give a fuck
about shit anymore. IM trying to get a different job and
move out with one of my friends. hopefully that will work
out that way i wont have to work till 4 everyday and i can
stay up drinking and shit b/c i wont have to wake up at 9
in the morning.
Phew...ok...well im really buzzed right now so im gonna
stop typing.

5 mins later...
Fuck! i was re-reading my journal and fucking spilled beer
all down my shirt! goddamnit! lol...good thing i can edit
these things. i godda wear this to work. lol. later

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