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2005-01-09 20:10:19 (UTC)


woz jus sittin doin me friggin Chaucer essay, wen chellby
txt me 2 say she had a baby girl! she wanted a boy but
girls r soooo much bettr! ah wow i'll b able 2 get loadsa
dresses an stuff 2 dress hur up...mwahahaha! shes hasnt
been named yet but er cant wait till i can go up 2 c em!
im all smiley an happy now!
Good luck chick!
The weekends bn pretty dull, altho its me own fault relly
they all went 2 harleys on saturday nite but i woznt relly
bothered bout goin an it woz pissin it down so i jus left
it but acht well...

neways dont relly hav nefin else 2 report on so im off
*this is the dawning of the rest of our lives*

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