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2005-01-09 19:49:38 (UTC)


rite im glad this is private 4 now cos my m8 alredy sed in
her diary that she wants 2 change but i du 2...not jus
coppying lol...

but seriously! if im eva guna like myself im guna hav 2
change...i shud av dun it along time ago but i dont like
change so this is very scary!!...i need 2

1) try at skool!...i gota du all my cw so i can get the Cs
an get in2 6th form...if they'll have me wen they no i dont
meet dedlines n that...

2)b less of a slag at parties!! jus bein used but the
thing is i no at the time i dont wana b kissin this person
or am thinkin y dont i jus move away from them an sey
no?...but i dont cos...well i duno y actualy!...but in my
defence its not me hu make the 1st move most of the time i
jus go along wiv it!...cos im stupid an easy!! grrr! this
isnt helpin at the mo! im jus h8in myself more!! :S

3)keep ne problems i du have 2 myself! i dont meen let
on that im not ok but refuse 2 talk bout it, i hav 2 not
let ne1 no wot im reli feelin!...iv bin tryin 2 du that
this yr alredi but its not reli workin! beta than las
yr tho i think!

4)try an actualy b happy as much as posible! this will help
numba 3) alot!...this 1 iv tryed b4 2! works 4 a day
or so an then i realise that im a fuk up an i h8
myself!!...soooo i need 2 figure out wot makes me think
that an puts me bk at the start so i can avoid it!...god
this is all soundin hard!!

erm...i fink that mite b bout it reli...wetha it works or
not onli time can tell soooo im jus guna try an hope!

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