My Gay Misadventures
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2005-01-09 19:49:02 (UTC)

Rocks Off

Well, So much for my New years Resolution for being
Celibate. ya know, I lasted awile..9 days. No jerking off,
no sex. (actually its been about a month of no sex) and I
dunno. Last night, it just all blew up. Literaly. I was
online. started talkin to a guy i met but never was
interested in, and invited him over to gimme a bj. I didnt
think i would actually get that far, but one thing lead to
the next, and before i knew it, he was down on my schlong.
Now, dont get me wrong, it felt damn good. He licked it just
right, nibbled my thighs, and even rimmed me, (and to top it
all off he swallowed) so yea, I felt pretty damn good.
However; Im a lil upset cuz now he prolly thinks more highly
of me and thats ganna fuck me over later. Meh. Fuck it.---

My online crush person is loseing his crush. Its what
happenes when you play hard to get.
In other news...Just a few more days till pay day. and i can
see if i can afford those damn contacts. so yea...Go me. I
hope. Blegh. Im sick.